Customer Panel

For business and individuals

For business and individuals

For business and individuals

Create accounts for businesses and individuals with a smooth onboarding process through desktop or via app (iOS & Android)



The Dashboard makes your customer feel the difference between the use of conventional banking and digital banking, thus achieving a smoother transition for those who adopt our technology.

Send Section

Send Section

The software has been integrated with IBAN validation API so every IBAN is added to be sent, will be verified

Batch Payments

Batch Payments for Business

This kind of transaction is a tool that makes it easier for businesses’ users to make batch payments which is ideal for payroll, bonus or supplier payments. With a single transaction you can send up to 2,500 payments at the same time.With few clicks or uploading a .csv file, for businesses with higher needs we can implement a version of up to 50,000 payments at the same time, additionally if your payroll has not changed you will be able to repeat the last payment without having to process everything from scratch, again. Batch payments are only available for the Web version.

Contact Book

Contact Book

The software allow your customer to manage a contact book or recipients to who they can later send money or create batch of transactions.

Multi Session Login

Multi-Session Login

If you are a user with multiple businesses + individual accounts it is possible to login to all of them with a single login credential, you can register each of your companies and operate with them by simply jumping from one to another with a simple click (switch accounts). To add a new business, each entity must go through an approval process.



Every customer will have access to monthly statements in different format .pdf .csv .xls also they can filter transactions and generate reports about specific transactions.

Phone Verification

Phone Verification

We know that there are people who keep their phone number through WhatsApp, very well, that is why we have enabled the verification of the phone number via WhatsApp as an alternative method to SMS

User Roles

Add User Roles

User’s roles allow businesses and individuals to grant access to other businesses and individuals to manage their account in order to grant read-only access, or full access to make operations. Each user can have the freedom to share access of their account without exposing their credentials since each business and individual invited is an individual user within Mercury Cash.

Fintech Letter

Bank (Fintech) Letter Certification

Every user can generate a letter with your account details certified by the institution. This can be used in other financial institutions or procedures that require this, likewise.


Notification Bell

The notification bell displays the most recent transactions or notifications posted to your account.

Login Activity

Login Activity

Your users will be able to control the sessions started and they will even be able to delete a session that is open, allowing to unlink any suspicious access that they do not recognize.

Referral Program

Referral Program

A referral program can be set, by flat fee or percentage fee

iOS Android

iOS & Android versions

Your customers can have access 24/7 to all your services through the easy to use app. Your customers can also enjoy about 20 different kind of notifications through the app in real time

In Chat App

Live Chat built-in APP

Access to customer support directly from the App with Intercom integration, that means, users will not have to go to a browser or use a computer at the same time to access live customer support (live chat).

Admin Panel


The dashboard will be the first interaction for your users. In this section you will be able to see the most updated intel that is actually happening in your financial institution, and you will be able to see updated data from:

Customer Section

It is the place where the list of every registered user can be seen by an administrator. If it is a business or an individual it will be here and in addition, you will be able to access the customer profile where you will have the ability to edit information, check documents, balances, add notes, etc.

Operations Section

The operations section has multiple links where administrators can manage transactions made by customers. This section lists all operations happening in your platform filtered by External In Transfer, External Out Transfer and Internal Transfers.

User Roles

User’s roles allow individuals to grant access to the backoffice section such as: Admin, Operator, Customer support junior, Customer support senior, Accounting junior, Accounting senior, Compliance, External auditor.

Security Triggers

You will be able to set up security triggers based on users behaviors in order to grant the security and protect customers funds.


AML Monitoring Panel

& Customer Profiling Risk Assessment System

AML Monitoring System & Customer Profiling Risk Assessment System will allow you to create “Customer Risk Profile” based on your assessment, also generate Additional KRI (Key Risk Indicator) and set up different “Transactional Risk” ponderation. You will be able to have “Customer Risk Breakdown”

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  • We know how expensive and hard it is to create technology, there are a lot of entrepreneurs worldwide with ideas and enthusiasm to innovate in the Fintech sector, we are here to tell you that we have created a top class software that you can access for less than 1 IT average salary in the United States. You will save years of work and millions of dollars investing on software development, you will save thousands of mistakes, and get for a fraction, top class evolved tech in the industry. You will focus in your business we will give the best tools to scale very fast, there are a lot of countries on the world that need this kind of technology, our team figure it out that even raising tons of money we will not be able to reach every country on earth because growing and building fintech companies requires a lot resources for legal frameworks and many more. So we decided to release our technology to all the countries. To succeed in this space you can have the better technology but that’s not enough financial local markets will always work with trust, we will provide the best tech and you will work the trust and market skills in your country. We see hundreds of companies raising millions of dollars from thousands of investors to build fintech companies, nowadays that’s throwing money to the trash because that’s not needed anymore, with few thousands you will be able to offer the best and compete against the biggest as a titan and destroy them with better prices since you don’t need to afford those big structures, Moonable is here to open the financial world through tech.
  • Our Team
  • We are a team of 50, most of our team members are from countries where banking legacy systems fail to their citizens, like Venezuela, Argentina, former Yugoslavia, and many more. That’s why we know where to aim and how to evolve, we will keep laser focus building the best features, and all of you will have access to our constant deployments.

  • Where we are located
  • Where located in Tallinn, Estonia
    We decided to move to the most digital country in the world in order to create and export the best technology with ratio cost/benefit positive

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